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Seeing Through Spiritual Eyes

January 6, 2013


“So from now on we regard no one from a worldly point of view.  Though we once regarded Christ in this way, we do so no longer.  Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old is gone, the new has come!  All this is from God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation: that God was reconciling the world to Himself in Christ, not counting men’s sins against them.  And He has committed to us the message of reconciliation.”  2 Corinthians 5: 16-19

To me this is pretty clear, we simply should know no one after the flesh or from a worldly point of view.  We need to see everyone through the eyes of The Spirit and treat them as Jesus would.  We must stop judging by mere appearance and make a righteous, Spiritual, judgment.  (John 7: 24)

We should treat everyone with kindness, love and respect.  People are not to be treated like pawns in some sort of game.  The way of the world is to look at people like they are in some sort of organizational flow chart; like they are just cattle with spaces to fill in order to make the chart work.

The traditional “church” does this all the time and the flow chart they fill is top down and hierarchical in nature.  Jesus never elevated one person OVER another and neither should we.  The world uses titles and positions that make certain people more valuable than others within an organization.  It should NOT BE THIS WAY IN CHRIST’S CHURCH!  Titles like Pastor are used to divide the body according to gifting and roles.  Wherever some people are regarded as more special than others is a bad place to be.  Christ lived and died for us all and He is the only one we should ever esteem as being over the church.  There is only one Leader, The Christ, and all the rest of us are mere sisters and brothers.

Finally, if we are truly going to relate to people in a Spiritual, not worldly, manner, we must not count their sins against them.  This means we approach everyone as if they had a clean slate in this life, not judging them negatively beforehand.  When we reach out in Christ everyone is to be accepted equally as a person who Jesus loves and desires to set free.  None of their sins or behaviors should inhibit us from loving and accepting them as Jesus does.  They don’t need to change anything before they receive Jesus.  The change that needs to happen in their lives occurs after they become born again.  That is the work of The Holy Spirit and no man.  Telling people they need to change behaviors before they accept Christ is like telling someone they need to get clean before they take a bath.  It is foolish and a way of the flesh and not The Spirit.  I say love and accept everyone now and allow Jesus to change them then.

Love and ….

Kirk Out !



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  1. Very good article. Also very hard to do sometimes, but with God, all things are possible. I think people in the world would be drawn to Christ easier by us Christians living this way than by the traditional way of trying to get them to ‘church’. Seems a lot of us Christians today prefer to separate ourselves from the worldly and non-church goers and condemn rather than accept. Oh to be more Christ-like.

  2. Mike Donahoe permalink

    Very good article. So true. May we Christians seek God’s strength to live this way.

  3. When we approach the whole of the New Testament we find the building blocks of what Jesus is building through local ekklesias. Many have tried to replicate this in structure and have failed in their attempts to do so. I believe this occurs as a result of placing a proper structural element as a priority over individual and mutual abiding relationships one with another. It is a faulty belief that individual lives simply need to be conformed to some standard in order for unity to be obtained. The result is found in many ecumenical organizations who long ago abandoned the truth for their own versions of righteousness.

    Throughout the life of Jesus we witness two things. Jesus’ determination to be about His Father’s business and will and His commitment to those He Himself had chosen. This last element is important with us as it was with Him- those we have chosen. In this world (whether in business, sports or any worldly enterprise) we choose those who have assets “we can use” for our benefit or to increase our bottom line. This is entirely selfish and even ruthless when those assets are no longer recognized or available. They are now fit for the dung pit.

    In this world, men exalt themselves so they can be served. This is the exact opposite of the reason Jesus chose His disciples. He served them, and in turn, they learned to serve as well. Jesus did not go looking for reasons or attributes in men which qualified them in service….for He knew what was in man. Rather, he looked upon the ailing masses knowing full well their inability and His ability to change them.

    As a new creation in Christ, the seed of all that can be has been implanted by God Himself. That seed has all of the capability of God Himself for it is God Himself through the Holy Spirit in them. Those who recognize this, see that the Spirit in all men is one of equality for a man’s natural abilities do not come into play in the spiritual realm. They are only useful in causing division, greed through hierarchy and competitiveness one with another. Obviously these traits are sinful and compete with who Jesus is and what He is building.

    I agree with Christopher with our need to see with spiritual eyes, both in individual people as well as the corporate body of Christ. The words “my church” and “my pastor” are obvious evidences of failing to recognize Jesus’ ability within all believers and His responsibility to bring the body of Jesus together as one both locally and globally.

    When men build something they must convince others of the need, plead for resources and motivate the masses. Man uses methodology and worldly wisdom to get something done.

    When God builds something, all have been convinced, He provides the resources and the motivation has long been established. God simply brings together what He has already done in the lives of those He has prepared beforehand.

  4. Another great post with which I completely concur! Well done captain!

  5. Rom 12:3 For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think [of himself] more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure [Grk. metron] of faith.

    In the institutions of men there are very few sober thoughts. Sober thinking is thinking with the mind of Christ who took on the form of a servant and lived a life and died a death for the benefit of all.

    The problem with institutions is that they have the life of Christ organized out to them and take on a life that is against the life which Christ desires to manifest in His saints, giving each member of His body a measure of the Spirit by which to serve one another. The mindset of that system is that the guy at the top (pastor, apostle, evangelist, bishop, C.E.O., etc.) has every ability to do everything that needs to be done and that other people exist just to augment those abilities. How opposite this is from how the Spirit moves among us with HIS measures of grace given to each member to function not according to the dictates of an office holder, but rather to function according to the will of Jesus where all that is done is done in a mindset of pure servanthood and laying down of our lives for one another.

    So, delusional leaders, which are so common in that system, might have a metron in which they are gifted by God and they are good at it and gain much attention because of this gifting. But the mindset of the systems of the world soon has them trying to minister outside thier metron and they fail every time. Not only that, but they take over in an area that God has given to another in their measure of Christ and now the body is robbed twice. Like all diseases, this infection soon becomes exponential and it is not long until the whole body is dead. It becomes “The Peter Principle” on steroids, simply because each member is not answering to the Head who is Christ.

  6. Mickey Merrie permalink

    Ah and the whole world is under the sway of the evil one. This broader road that leads to destruction, which runs down the center isle and up across the pulpits of american churchianity…

    The “Narrow Road” just doesn’t pay the bills anymore! When we started the building program we saw the move of god in the lower introductory rate on the loan. But now 5 years in, and the maintanence costs are killing us thanks to the work of the devil, we have hit the balloon payment!
    Certainly satan is attacking this fine ministry that has seen an average of 13 decision cards per month of growth. So let us refinance and roll in the cost of the expresso machine and children’s church playplace, even the youth group’s mosh pit hang out and…

    The prophets prophesy lies, the priests rule by their own authority and my people love to have it so, But what will you do in the end there of? Jeremiah 5:31

  7. bill wood permalink

    I suppose I’ll throw in some more scriptural support to exalt every valley and make low every mountain. It’s 1Cor12…..
    Paul says by the Spirit and NOT by the traditions of men that,” those members which WE THINK to be less honorable, upon these we bestow more abundant honor…..

    for God has fashioned the body together, bestowing more abundant honor on the part which lacked, in order that there would be NO DIVISIONS, but that the members would have the same concern for one another.”

    What I find interesting and shocking while looking over the landscape of modern christendom is the very opposite of this. On the members that are thought to be more honorable upon them is bestowed an overwhelming abundance of honor. And then on the members which are thought to be less honorable, upon them little if no regard be given.

  8. Martin permalink

    The spiritual eye needs no magic book, or verse, to throw at someone. The spiritual eye sees the person for who they really are. It speaks to the soul of the person, needing no magic makeup, or configuration to see the soul. The spiritual eye sees where the energy is repressed in a persons emotional makeup, and draws the energy to the surface of that persons soul- with permission of course.

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