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Out Of The Pit

January 2, 2013


“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”  Psalm 46: 1

Today I am led to share an amazing praise report.  I have not had any significant PTSD flashback episodes since September 21’st 2012.  This was also the very first time in 13 years that I did not require psychiatric hospitalization during the months of October, November, and December.  It has also been over a year since my last psych admit.

This, my friends, is nothing short of a tremendous miracle.  God is definitely healing my mind and releasing me of the terrible memories of my childhood.  I still remember the sexual abuse, but they are fleeting memories now and not the over-powering and disabling events that have plagued me these past, more than, 13 years.

The combination of prayer, effective EMDR therapy, and medication are setting my mind free.  Having a Spirit-filled counselor has helped immensely.  I feel safe with him and am able to share the immense burden that these flashbacks represent.  

Special thanks to all of you who have been lifting me up in prayer these oh so many years.  I feel total freedom and no longer fear being alone, in the dark, sleeping or showering.  The flashbacks connected to these simple events no longer hold any power over me.

 It took a very long time to be set totally free, but Jesus has used these past 13 years to teach me patience, long suffering, and complete empathy for others who struggle with mental health issues.  I know this has made me a better person, counselor and friend.  Jesus has held me close and The Holy Spirit has been close beside me throughout this epic struggle.  I will never forget this long journey up and out of the pit of despair.  God is good and God is great and I shall praise Him all of my days.

Love and……

Kirk Out !

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  1. Thanks Chris for sharing your victory with us. Growing into the all sufficiency of Christ, our All in all… that is the key to abiding in His rest.

    Love you, my brother,

  2. Martin permalink

    Gota love that EMDR stuff, eh? And, it also required you to make some tough life-changing decisions that went against all of your ‘teaching’s. Love u man

  3. Awesome!!! Thank you Jesus!!! I am so happy AND excited for you Chris!!!

  4. Praise the Lord! Oops, I have to go to my group therapy session now. Happy New Year in 2013, Chris. The Best is yet to come! In Christ, Sandy G.

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