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Totally Free & Open, Spirit Led Fellowship

December 21, 2012


“For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”  Matthew 18: 20

Wednesday at noon I gathered together with a brother I had just met Sunday and another brother I had never met before.  Our fellowship together was most excellent.  It was like we had known each other for many, many years.

We came together in totally free and open, Spirit led fellowship.  None of us had a planned agenda.  We all just decided to meet and see where the Lord would take our conversation. Let me tell you our time together was sweet and very powerful.  It was extremely obvious that we were all of like heart and mind.

I totally love getting together with other followers of Jesus in free flowing fellowship.  When you come together in this free and open style of meeting Jesus is always glorified and everyone there gets blessed.  Simple face to face and heart to heart fellowship is undoubtedly the best way to gather.  It totally blows away pre-planned, pre-packaged and human agenda filled “church” meetings.  As I have said before here many times… open and free dialogue is what Jesus desires us to have with one another every time we gather.  Sermons and monologues are not the Jesus way of communicating His truth in love.

When we simply gather in the name of Jesus the Holy Spirit is fully capable of leading and directing the course of our time together.  Right on time He will inspire everyone gathered to share their portion at exactly the right time.  So the HUGE question is…will we follow the leading of The Holy Spirit in free and open fellowship, or will we instead follow what is traditional and comfortable to our flesh?  Will it be a stale sermon from one man, or will it be a wonderful conversation with everyone gifted and able to participate?  Always remember…you get what you choose!  So what will it be?  God’s way or man’s way?  To me the right choice is obvious.

Love and …..

Kirk Out !



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  1. My dear brother Christopher, once again you have spoken and written well. There is something about an earnest expectation that seems to be more prevalent in these casual spirit led gatherings then there ever was in the typical church. I first learned this through a para-church group that met together daily which I believe was a taste of what was and is to come for many of us.
    For some fifteen years I have been asking God to bring some like-minded believers my way. There were many times in which I thought this prayer was answered though little did I realize what God really had in store. Whereas I used to look for people who agreed with me in relation to doctrine and practice, now I just accept who God brings to me. Instead of looking to find others to meet some selfish need in me, now it’s all about opportunities to serve those around me. Wow, how things have changed since God opened my eyes.
    For me, the greatest blessing other than the obvious is the rest that always accompanies these gatherings. No more wondering if I’m good enough. No more caring if I meet some persons or leaders expectations. No more false guilt concerning whether I finished or even read last weeks materials. I can simply show my face, my heart or even guilt or shame- or all of the above. There simply isn’t anything left to prove to anyone anymore, very little left to lose.
    Although I was a little apprehensive about meeting Mickey that was only because we had been sharing emails and phone conversations for a year at that point. It was if I was meeting my long lost brother- and I was!
    As it turns out, I was able to meet two of you last week. I do find it of interest that although Mickey and I attempted to get together on two prior occasions, God didn’t allow that. It seems that His intent all the while was that three would gather, and so it was in His time and in His way.
    We will never tire of hearing this taught or echoed again and again Chris. The truth in relationships is far more than just a few people sharing lunch one with another. It is the very presence of the Lord we serve that inspires all we would share, give and at times deny ourselves. We would see Jesus, and we do- every time we seek totally free and open spirit led fellowship.

  2. Mickey Merrie permalink

    The key to His gathering is that we are first His, and that 2nd we gather in His Name. God’s will is that in everything Christ Jesus would have the pre-eminence! And He certainly did, as 2 hours plus flew by really.
    I left there with strength for the remainder of my journey! 1200+ miles in 3 days covering 6 states and 4 of them two and three times! Scriptures on CD most of the time.
    His incidences are never co-incidences but are truly pre ordained blessings from my perspective.
    Thanks brothers! No focusing on the sayings of dead preachers but fellowship of the saints of the Living God whose building is founded on the Apostles, anchored in Christ the Cornerstone, and built by Him of Living stones…The ekklesia of which the gates of hell never has, isn’t now nor ever will prevail against! Those who are alive in Christ Jesus have never sought a revival nor can men’s works revive! Though many could stand a reminder to return to their first Love!

    Thanks again to our Lord Jesus, and to my brothern in Him!

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