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Checking In

December 4, 2012

Hey everyone,

Landed safe and sound in St. Petersburg.  Best flight I have ever been on.  Already having wonderful fellowship with my 90 year old “Aunt” Marie.  All we do is talk, pray, eat and play cards.  To me that is a great vacation!

It is supposed to be around 80 degrees here the whole week with no forecast of rain in sight.  Tonight I am taking “Aunt” Marie out for a seafood feast.  Tomorrow I am going to Green Key beach.  That is where I spread my Mother’s ashes 11 years ago.  That is the place I think of when I need to go to a “safe place” in my mind during PTSD flashbacks.  I have very fond memories of walking the beach there with my Mom when I was 5-9 years old.

I had an excellent conversation with several people on the flight down on the topic of relationship vs. religion.  We spoke for and hour and a half.  We all agreed that most people would love to be free from religious bondage, but fear keeps many people from thinking outside of the box of religious norms.  I gave one woman Marc Winter’s great book, “Was Church God’s Idea?”  I hope to hear back from her soon.

Well the battery on my laptop is about to die.  So for now I will say goodbye.  I am having a most awesome time.

Love and…

Kirk Out !



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  1. Praise the Lord Chris! Wonderful things in store for you. I have been looking at the Greek words for save and saved today. In the context of Act chapters 3- 4 where Peter and John healed the lame man in Jesus’ name. The Greek word “sōzō” is a verb translated into English as “saved”. It means healing, restoring health, as well as deliverance from destruction. This is all accomplished in Jesus’ name or authority. He who is able to save, heal, restore health, and deliver from destruction is the One who watches over you. Because you are no longer under the headship or authority of this kosmos (world system), and have come to faith in Christ and rest in His authority alone you are safe, healed,delivered, restored to health.

  2. Glad to hear such a great report, my brother! Pray for George and I and our trip to be with the saints down in Phoenix this weekend. Love you a bunch.

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