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Rest In Peace

November 26, 2012


“Where, O death, is your victory?  Where, O death is your sting?  The sting of death is sin, and the power of death is the law.  But thanks be to God!  He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

I would like to ask everyone out there to please be praying for the Murphy family?  Early Saturday morning my friend and former client Ryan Murphy, age 24, took his life by hanging.  I have known this family for over 15 years.  Ryan’s mother was also a former client of mine, as was his brother, and I conducted his Aunt’s wedding a few years ago.  I also served with his Grandmother on our county wide wrap around team back in the late 90’s.  Ryan leaves behind three young children.

It is also possible that I was the last person to speak with Ryan.  He called me at 10:30 Friday night asking that I pray for him concerning his relationship with his fiance’.  In our conversation he gave no indication that he was suicidal.  So I prayed for him and his situation.  The last thing I said to him was that Jesus loves him and so did I.

When Ryan was about 13 he asked Jesus into his life in my counseling office after one of our conversations.  If my employer ever had found out what really transpired behind my office door, I would have surely been fired many times.  But the only thing that I know that helps people heal and feel complete in this life is a relationship with Jesus.  Other counseling techniques may offer temporary relief, but only Jesus makes one complete and whole.  Ryan was not perfect and he struggled with his inner-demons, but as a young adult he turned his life around and was successful as a parent and at his job.  He personally identified himself as a Christian, even on his facebook page, and I have no reason to doubt his faith.

So would you please pray for this family?  Also please pray for me as I have been asked to preside over Ryan’s memorial service later this month.  In my head I have gone over and over our conversation last Friday night and I am convinced that I shared with him what the Lord would have me share.  I know in my heart I will see Ryan face to face again on the other side.  Now there is nothing but sorrow and pain, but joy comes in the morning.

Love and….

Kirk Out !



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  1. Chris, I long for the day when there will be no more sorrow and no more pain, but in the mean time we have this living hope. I am praying for Ryan’s family, that they will see glimpses of him already in the arms of Jesus, receiving the comfort he could not find here on this side.

  2. Ann Tjoelker permalink

    That touches my heart Chris. I will pray.Ann Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 11:48:16 +0000 To:

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