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Never Look Back

November 21, 2012


“The integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity”  Proverbs 11: 3

Today I want to talk about my youngest daughter Lydia.  Lydia is 13 years old and in the eighth grade.  She is one of over 200 students who participates in an after school character building program called Five Star.  Yesterday Five Star had their awards ceremony and Lydia was the only recipient of the INTEGRITY AWARD.  She was nominated by her coaches.  They said that Lydia led others by example and not position.  That she was able to lead from within the group without the need to be upfront blowing her own horn.  They also said she was a positive influence on the whole group with her strong encouraging demeanor and pleasant personality.

Let me tell you I am one very proud father.  I cannot tell you how awesome it feels to have your child be recognized for the traits you have been teaching them since they were born.  It seems that Lydia has learned an awful lot from being immersed in totally free and open, Spirit led fellowship all these years.  She was raised totally outside of traditional religion and practices, and now she is being honored for her integrity and upright character.

All four of my children were raised to follow Jesus and focus on relationship and not religion.  My children are not perfect, but they all acknowledge Jesus as Lord and they have all impacted the lives of those around them in a positive and lasting manner.  They have also been successful at school and work.  All without any connection to an institutional/traditional “church”.  I know a major concern for those leaving behind traditional religion is the fate of their children without Sunday school or youth group.  I am here to testify that children raised without such can turn out just fine.  Whatever children, or for that matter adults, need to learn about Jesus, faith, and service can be learned via relationship with their parents and other Christ followers in open and free, Spirit led fellowship. There is absolutely no real need for Clergy, buildings, traditions and programs. That has been my experience for over 30 years now.  Fact is: simple and free works great.  So step out in faith and never look back.

Love and……

Kirk Out !



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  1. Beyond “turning out fine” the children of true followers that have shed the mantle of tradition become and are becoming world changers!

    • "BK" permalink

      Chris, I can testify to the fact your words aren’t just those of a ‘proud father’, but very, VERY true. When I first met Lydia she was a little toddler, still in diapers! 🙂 I have much respect for your children; all of them. Love, “BK”

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