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Freedom To Be

October 17, 2012


“For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish men.  Live as free men, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as servants of God.”  1 Peter 2: 15-16

God sets free those who seek Him.  All He asks in return is that we would follow Jesus and do good as we are led by The Spirit.  However, God is not a micro-managing, control freak.  He has given us the total freedom to serve Him in a multitude of ways.

God leads us by His love and He enjoys the various ways we choose to serve Him and do good.  There is no fear in love and we are free to enjoy the things He leads us to BE and do.  There is no need to hold onto Him with white knuckled fear.  He is gracious and forgiving and gives us a wide variety of ways to serve Him along the way.

However, we should never use our freedom to commit sin or cover up evil.  Jesus has set our feet on solid ground and before us sits a wide open field of opportunities and choices.  Do not be afraid to use your God-given freedom to serve Him in any way you can possibly imagine.  It is like He has given us a pallet of many different colors of paint to apply to a totally blank canvas.  He always provides and all we need to do is trust Him while we are in the midst of creating a masterpiece.

Many times He says go and serve Me while you are serving and loving others, but we often times get to choose where and when we will go and bear fruit in various places.  Don’t worry about details, because Jesus will lead and help guide us with His voice.  Wherever we go and whatever we do; He will be there supporting, equipping and watching over us.

Some people are always sitting on the sidelines never getting into the game, because they are afraid to move unless they get a direct Word from The Lord.  Don’t get me wrong I love direct Words.  However, many times God does not give us a perfectly clear order until we have entered the fray.  We are supposed to keep moving forward blessing others and serving Him until we receive further direction.  Jesus has given us complete freedom.  So I suggest that we use this freedom to love and serve the people that God places in our lives.  God has planted His seed in us and we are totally free to bear fruit in any field of our choosing. If you find yourself in a place where you feel restricted or confined instead of free, it may be time to move to another location both internally and externally.  Always remember that Jesus has already set us free.  So don’t be afraid of Him moving you to a place of greater freedom.  

Love and….

Kirk Out !


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  1. cathy taylor permalink

    wow, what can I say about this one, you already know from our conversations how this one speaks to me, with the struggles I seem to be having with the church right now this is a great inspiration to me. thank you for being faithful to write the words of God and telling it like it is, wonderful how many people you help by writing these blogs. Sure does help me to see with a more clear view.
    Another awesome one Christopher!!!.
    LOVE Cathy

  2. DanG permalink

    Okay hippie, where does this differ from religion? Am I being thick? Have you been acquired by IC? You sound more like a preacher – the fire-in-the-belly style that you have carved out in past blogs seems gone? Sorry to fire on you, but… the hippie is gone.

  3. Dan, there is still fire in my belly. Sorry you can’t see it in this blog. I am still a hippie, but I have better days than others. Please fire on me whenever you feel HIs leading bro?

  4. Reformed by the Spirit permalink

    Dan, what does speaking the truth have to do with the IC or being a hippie? It sounds like you are being over critical.

  5. "BK" permalink

    I recently read a reader board that said, “The man who failed, tried.”

    On preaching, the way to ‘diffuse’ how we sound is dialogue. That takes it out of the ‘sermon’ and makes it discussion, clarification and life. I see that alot here. “BK”

  6. I have a little different take on this share the Gospel idea. First we must know what this Gospel is. We will know when we have correctly identified it. We identify it by the fruit it immediately produces in our hearts, minds, and lastly the outworking of our lives.
    To those impacted by the Gospel in the first century, without any Bible knowledge, church building or the like, were often time so impacted they were prepared to die if necessary for this message. So what was it, what was the Gospel message that so transformed them?
    I have an idea that strikes at the very heart of me. The Gospel in the non-religious vernacular of Jesus’ day had to do with a Herald charging city to city with excited joy, proclaiming the Good News of a New King. The implications are, for those who understood their bondage, a kindly King who would bring safety, peace, and freedom to their lives.
    Is that not the Good News today? The arrival of Jesus and His spiritual kingdom. A kingdom that comes with power; power to save, free, heal, and bring deep inner peace and joy.
    We do not hear that Gospel message in churches? Why? Because they neither know Him or have experienced Him in freedom and in power. You can export that which you have not first imported.
    Do not misunderstand me, there are untold millions of captive brothers and sisters in churches around this world. They are our brothers and sisters, they are our Fathers children too.
    We must pray for their release from bondage, into His glorious freedom.
    Then they will have an experiential message of hope to share with the world.

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