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A Blessing

October 15, 2012


“Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love Him.”  James 1: 12

Let me just state right up front that I am a very blessed man.  I persevered the trial of PTSD and I stood the test of all the difficulties related to having severe flashbacks for over 13 years.  The fall out from all the trauma did cost two very special people their marriage, but now we are both being blessed in moving forward and continuing to serve the Lord.

Yesterday I had my first real date with an eligible female since 1979.  On my way there my ex-wife sent me this text…”I am praying for your date.  I am happy you are moving forward.  May the Lord lead you as you walk forward.  Blessings!”  What ex-wife these days does this for their former husband?  I was stunned.  I sent Lori a text back asking if she was serious and indeed she was.  This is God’s love in action.  This is mature love.  Because of the damage done by years of PTSD we can no longer live as one together, but we can still love and pray for each other due to our mutual faith in Jesus.

The date was awesome!  We have been talking with each other for the last several weeks, but face to face was even better.  It feels like we have known each other for a very long time.  We share a similar history of being sexually abused by our fathers but, we both also remember Jesus being there for us from a very young age even through the trauma and abuse.  We were so comfortable with each other that we were actually finishing each others sentences.  We both love the Lord deeply and have been praying for each other with much zeal.

It seems like us being together is very much a God Thang, but we will take it slow and see where HE takes us.  Cathy is coming here next Sunday for open housechurch fellowship.  Everyone here is excited to meet her.  We live two hours away from each other, which will be a challenge, but if our relationship is of Him. He will work out all the details.  I definitely feel loved.

I honestly thought I was finished, that I would never find love again in this life.  Now He has blessed me and renewed my hope.  God is so awesome!  I guess my message today is this…. No matter what obstacles you are facing don’t give up.  Jesus loves you and wants to bless and heal you.  We all struggle with various problems, but God is bigger than your problems.  Blessings to all who read this blog, your support and prayers have made a huge difference in my life.

Love and…..

Kirk Out !


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  1. Chris, I am so happy for you. Jesus takes good care of his kids. I hope to meet Cathy someday, she is always welcome just as you are always welcome. Like i tell my kids, I love you and care about you so that extends to the person you care about to! You so rock!! Ma Z

  2. I too was divorced, we were both believers but were on different planets for 28 years. The pain of living without emotional love was very hard. We had volitional love, but not emotional. After some time, the Lord introduced me to my current wife. We both knew each other from a home group, but would never entertain any ideas of relationship until the Lord said.
    We heard the Lord speak and confirm in our hearts dozens of ways. But the quickness was too much for church folk. They kicked us out of the church, and my wife lost all of her friends. But praise the Lord, we have a life together that is beyond description. Not only are we head over hells in love, but we complement each other perfectly spiritually.
    God causes all things to work together for the good of those who love Him. Getting kicked out of church was the best thing that has ever happened to us, now were a coming to know Jesus as our ONLY head and source, and what a difference that has made.
    God bless you and Cathy as you journey forward together.

    • BK Zimmer permalink

      Wow, Marc. That’s my story almost to a “T”! That was all 15 1/2 years ago now; thru valleys and over mountains but with no regrets. Thank you for sharing, “BK”

  3. Gary permalink

    Wow Chris,
    Fantastic news! God is Good, all the time!
    Amazing! He does say, He will restore the years the locusts have eaten.
    All the time, God is Good!

  4. jayne permalink

    Yay for both you and Cathy, Chris! This is indeed exciting news…
    Personally, I think the 2 hour challenge is ‘of the Lord’. It will help to keep the two of you in check as time passes and your relationship deepens and solidifies. Kind of like putting credit cards in a container of water and then putting it in the freezer- makes you really think hard about the need to use it.
    Thank you Jesus for this perfectly wonderful bit of news! Help Chris and Cathy to stay tuned into you… at all times, thru all things… Bring healing in special ways, ways that say, “I love you guys. I formed this relationship, and I’m gonna make a new and different life for both of you.”
    I’m stoked for you!

  5. It’s always so uplifting to hear that God has peaked in on your life with some enjoyment, when so much has been challenge over the years. Love to you, brother…and a smile when you are smiling.

  6. nancy permalink

    “No matter what obstacles you are facing, don’t give up. Jesus loves you and wants to bless and heal you”. Now these are words to live by….they are an encouragement to me brother…and i will celebrate today the new path that He is leading you down…may God indeed encourage both of you as you begin this journey…

  7. cathy taylor permalink

    Thank you to everyone for your comments of blessing and prayers for Christopher and I, we both know that this is of God ‘s hand and that He will lead and guide us in His time and direction, I am blessed to have been lead to Christopher, he has made a big difference in my life, and has encouraged me in my walk with the Lord.. I thank you all for the encouragement that you give to Christopher with your comments on these blogs I know that it is a great help to him in this ministry.
    I also enjoy to read all the comments, God bless you all and everyone is in my prayers as well
    Christopher great job sweetheart glad to see you could write this.

  8. hi Cathy and Chris. Wonderful news for both of you. God brought me and my husband together miraculously as well and it is a second marriage for us both. We too were frowned upon by the establishment while all the time God was shouting at us in all kinds of ways to confirm the relationship was of Him.
    We are still in love with each other and Him 21 years later and my husband has been the greatest blessing of my life. He is the only person I have ever met who understands me and accepts me as I am and helps me through all my phobic and crazy stuff when it strikes.
    He is the only one who can speak words to me I can hear when I lose the plot.
    PraIse God for second relationships!!!
    Blessings to you both.
    love Sandra

  9. Pam Smith permalink

    Chris, Being a couple of your friends that you have known for decades, we are so happy and blessed that you are moving forward. We love both you and Lori and were heart sick when you split, but I truly believe that God can and will use this and that you can move forward with Cathy and be so blessed by the Lord in that, whether it leads to marriage or just a wonderful friendship, God can and will use this. We are so excited at the prospect of meeting Cathy this coming weekend. Hopefully WE don’t scare her off… so, I ask, is football with HER purse, or summersaults down an aisle, or frisby with pizza pans acceptable??? LOL Love you Buddy, and we look forward to seeing what the Lord is going to do. hugs

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