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Bright Light In Darkened Corners

October 12, 2012


“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.  Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”  Galatians 5: 1

We are free in Christ everyone, but do we live like we are really free?  Far too often we trade God given freedom for religious bondage.  We are no longer under the Law.  So why do we live and act as if we were?  

In Christ the only law is love.  To love God and love your neighbor as yourself.  If this is true, then why does the “church” have so many rules, laws and regulations?  Many “churches” have by-laws and sometimes unwritten rules about how to dress, how to act, and what we can or cannot watch in movies or on television.  Then there is the whole dancing issue.  Some “churches” even forbid men to swim in the same place as women.  In the past “churches” even banned books and told people what they were and were not allowed to read.

As followers of Jesus we have the Spirit dwelling within us to guide us through our daily lives.  Because we have The Holy Spirit we no longer require or need an external written code to follow.  We do not need lists of rules or regulations anymore, because we are now led by the internal witness of the Spirit.

The big question is do we trust God to lead us from within in all things or do we want things in the world that we can see and or touch to be our guides?  Do we trust the invisible God or man written rules and documents to show us the limits of our freedom?

I say whom the Son sets free is free indeed!  We need to trust God to internally set up the parameters of our freedom.  We are no longer under the law or rules of men.  Men and traditional religion seek to confine our freedom to religious standards.  God wants us to break free of human constraints and to serve Him freely while abounding in His love.  The only way to reach those who are on the fringe of acceptable behavior is to be free enough to live out on the edge of societies norms with them.  We are supposed to be bright light in the darkened corners.  It is impossible to lead others to freedom when those leading do not totally walk in freedom.  Living inside a religious box is not freedom.  In Christ we should always be free enough to press the envelope of freedom to its outer most limits.  Freedom vs Law can be a constant tension in our lives, it is just like Relationship vs Religion.  However, when I am in the Spirit I choose freedom and relationship every time.

Love and …..

Kirk Out !

Please forgive me for being distracted today?  I feel The Lord has released me to move forward in life.  So on Saturday I am going out on my first first date with an eligible female since 1979.  She is a very lovely Christ follower.  I am excited and a bit nervous.  Your prayers are appreciated.



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  1. Ann Tjoelker permalink

    Good luck and have fun Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2012 03:01:36 +0000 To:

  2. cathy taylor permalink

    Christopher this is another great word and I totally agree with you, letting the worlds rules and views lead us is just another stumbling block in our relationship with our God and for the purpose we serve. How can we serve in the true manner in that we were called if we follow these rules and views. God has sure been opening my eyes the past few weeks and I am seeing things with a new vision, kinda like getting new glasses you sure can see so much clearer, I have struggled with disagreement issues and rules and mans decisions in the body of Christ where I attend services so much so it has made me so uncomfortable that I do not want to socialize and I do not want to be a part of the body because of these issue. So how do you serve God to the fullest if these things are in the path stopping you.I know what I have been called to do But It is like I am trapped due to rules. Thank you again for sharing this word that god has given to you I really needed to hear it.

    P.S Rest assured that I am praying in agreement with you about your first date.

    Love cathy

  3. Pam Smith permalink

    A person should never so much of anyone, (unless you are a child) just because someone said to do it, or not to do it. By what I have seen in many circles of the “church” this is far less of a problem then it use to be. THere are those that do have those type things but many churches have changed their dogmatic stances. Whatever we choose to do, or choose not to do, we need to be grounded enough to stand on our own convictions. It doesn’t matter whether we home church or whether we choose to fellowship with a certain body, or if we do both, we need to know what WE believe and WHY we believe it and stand on it. I think the freedom issue can be abused by both the “system” and the homechurch. I have seen it done in both, and experienced it in both. But the key to keeping those things at bay is to have a personal relationship with Jesus and stand for those beliefs and not let people sway you because of their beliefs.
    Good luck on your date! hugs

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