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Life Is Tough, God Is Good

August 26, 2012


Jesus said:

“I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world.”  John 16: 33

Last night our housechurch enjoyed a night of song and sharing with Randy Stonehill.  Randy is very gifted, but even though he has been doing concerts for over 40 years; he is humble enough to still play a small room for just 20 people.  I mean this guy is a member of The Christian Music hall of fame, but he still hasn’t forgotten that he is a mere brother in Christ.  A brother who is willing to share his successes and struggles with anyone who will listen.

I met Randy in 1976 when I was 14 years old and a newborn babe in Christ.  He is a true friend and we have partnered together many times in the past 36 years.  From main stages to living rooms, we have done it all.  No matter the size of the crowd or venue Randy still brings his best in word and song.  Like me, he believes that it is all about relationship and not religion.

Last nights concert seemed to focus and revolve around John 16: 33.  Jesus declared His message to us so that we could have peace in this world.  Even though in this world we would have trouble.  Trouble is a fact of life and because we follow Jesus He said we would be hated and rejected.  The good news is that Jesus has overcome the world.  Trouble for us is just temporary, so we need to surrender to, and focus on, Him.  In Jesus we can endure trouble and pass on through to the other side of it until we find victory.  Randy summed it up really well in his song, “Life Is Tough, God is Good.”

Paul tells us in 2 Timothy to, “Endure a good soldier of Christ Jesus.”  So how we face trials and adversity in this life is very important.  My experience is that The Lord speaks most to me when I am in a state of brokenness due to life’s trails and hardships.  Jesus finds me in these broken places and He never fails to lift me up and restore me when I need Him most.  Life is never easy, but in Him we can overcome any obstacle.  

This is a message I need to hear and take in time and time again.  Sometimes because of my PTSD flashbacks I just want to give up.  Because it seems that they will never end for me and I am forced to re-live traumatic events over and over again.  Then someone like Randy reminds me that there is HIS peace in the midst of my storms.  Today I hold on to HIS promise.  Because only in HIM can I overcome.

Love and …..

Kirk Out !


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  1. Pam Smith permalink

    The concert was a very God inspired event. I know that the toughness of the time our family has been enduring has shown all the brighter the goodness of God. Sometimes it’s way too easy to take our eyes off the Lord and see only the things going on, but once again, God’s faithfulness shone through because I don’t feel it was any accident that Randy spoke about tough times and the goodness of God, that was exactly what many of us there needed to be reminded of. And to have that set to music just made it all the more real, for me anyway. Thanks Chris for making it happen.

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