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Open Hearts and Open Homes

August 12, 2012


Caleb and I have been enjoying some wonderful fellowship here in Baltimore.  Our hosts, like us, have embraced BEING the church.  That means that every moment we spend together is celebrated as a moment spent together in HIM.

Because we are not in dress up, put on your best face and fake it, go to church mode…our time together has been totally real and awesome.  We have ate together with glad and sincere hearts and shared with one another in total honesty.  We have shared our strengths and struggles.  Our conversations have been seasoned with authenticity that only comes from surrendering to The Holy Spirit.

We have not been studying the bible together, but our dialogues have been sprinkled with parts of scripture.  We have taken the time and effort to connect with each other and because of that our relationships have been deepened and made stronger.

The past 3 days we have fellowshipped with each other while seeing the sites of both Washington DC and Baltimore.  We bonded over eating Maryland blue crabs and watching the Olympics together.  We discussed a difficult situation we encountered together last year and we are devoted to moving forward together in Jesus.  All we did was hang out together and be real.  Because of that our fellowship was blessed.  In all we shared and did we were simply BEING the church together.

We leave shortly to visit another home fellowship in Virginia.  Our goodbyes here will be heartfelt, knowing that in our short time together our attachment in Jesus has definitely been strengthened.  Thank you Man family for opening your hearts and home to us.

Love and ….

Kirk Out !



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  1. I thought as you were pulling out of the driveway, “gee – we didn’t have any prayer time or any formal worship time while you were here.” Then I came inside and read your post, and you are right: we were together as Believers, sharing and fellowshipping in a God-focused way although we did not follow any traditional rituals of gathering. We spoke about the challenges of living a Godly life, difficulties we have encountered along the way, difficulties we struggle with in our current walk, and we also were simply together.
    As someone who was reared in a traditional setting, it is often difficult to let go of the wrappings of organized religion and simply be organic and Spirit-led. I think we are starting to pull it off though.
    Thanks for coming to visit us and share some time in our little corner of the world!

  2. Jeff, thanks again for your wonderful hospitality, I am glad we kept it real without trying to manufacture some type of artificial worship, if it was supposed to happen it would have, give my love to your family.

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