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No Greater Joy

August 6, 2012


“Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.  It gave me great joy to have some brothers come and tell about your faithfulness to the truth and how you continue to walk in the truth.  I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”  3 John verses 2-4

Today my 2 youngest children Caleb 18, and Lydia 12, came back home after a 2 and a half week vacation in Washington and Alaska.  I am so glad they are home because I missed them very much.  It was the longest I have ever been separated from them.

However, I visited some dear friends in Washington a week after my children were there.  It was a joy to hear my friends tell me what excellent children I have raised.  Apparently the fellowship there was quite impressed at the Spiritual and overall maturity of Caleb and Lydia.  I was told that their Spirit led interactions and sharing there were inspired.  My friends were amazed at how well my children flowed in The Spirit while praising The Lord in song and word.  

None this surprised me, but to hear such praise of my children did bring me great joy.   To me this totally affirmed the effectiveness of totally free & open, Spirit led relational fellowship.  My children were born and raised totally outside of traditional/institutional “church” or religion.  My children did not grow up in Sunday school or youth group.  They grew up without sermons or conventional bible studies.  And guess what?  They turned out just fine.  I would say better than fine. Do they stumble at times?  Sure, but they love Jesus and allow Him to pick them back up every time. 

All my children grew up in open fellowship.  Their teacher has been The Holy Spirit teaching them directly or through Mom & Dad or the other followers of Jesus we have gathered with over the years.  To me the true test of any church style is the generational test or how well our children and grandchildren follow Jesus.  My children were raised to be free in Jesus and to follow The Spirit and no other Pastor or Leader.  They have not been programmed by the “church” system of Babylon.  They understand that every member of the Body is a Priest before both man and God and I am so, so grateful for that.

Now for my big news…. my 24 year old Becca is due with my first grandson on October 26th.  This so warms my heart and I am very proud of Becca and the woman of God that she is becoming.  Amanda, my oldest (almost 28) serves Jesus as a kindergarten teacher here in Sturgis and she will soon be completing her masters degree with a strong emphasis on reading.

Somehow, because of me and in spite of me, all my children follow and serve Jesus.  That is a very humbling thought because they have seen me at my best and also at my very worst, but somehow the best won out in the long run.  As I have said many times before they are HIS kids and not mine, I have just been honored to have been given stewardship over them for a period of their lives.  The best parental advice I can give is to avoid programs and instead focus on relationships.  Church is supposed to be a family and not a system of rules and doctrine.  We all just need to follow Jesus and the leading of The Spirit and forget about the traditions that seek to enslave both Him and those who follow Him.

Love and …..

Kirk Out !


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  1. That’s wonderful Chris. It’s a real validation of your walk with God outside the camp to see how well your kids have developed a relationship with Him.
    Unfortunately , my girls have abandoned God for now, largely due to seeing the craziness of the church I was in during their teen years.
    But I believe one day they will know Him again.
    It’s so heartwarming reading about your kids. And should I tell you the secret no one told me that grandkids are the most addictive tiny beings on the face of this earth?

  2. Sandra, thanks for sharing. I will be praying for your girls.

    • Thank you Chris. I really appreciate your prayers for me and my daughters. I’m expecting big breakthroughs in both of them and their families.

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