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Business As Usual In Babylon

August 1, 2012


“Than I heard another voice from heaven say:  “Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues; for her sins are piled up to heaven, and God has remembered her crimes.”  Revelation 18: 4-5

This trip to the state of Washington has been wonderful.  We have enjoyed so much fellowship, Love and friendship that it is difficult to return home.  However, last night did not go so well.  Last night I went with a dear friend to what was supposed to be a hispanic prayer meeting at a local “church” building, but instead of an open time of prayer they had a guest speaker from Taiwan.  As he spoke a translator told us what he was saying in english, then another translator told us what that translator was saying in spanish.  That’s speaker in three languages

I normally love hearing from those from other countries, but this speaker told us nothing about the church in his homeland.  Instead all we got to hear was recycled american prosperity doctrine.  I hate the false teaching that says if we just pray more and give more God will give us wealth and health.  The whole concept is shameful because it says that if we can just manipulate God with our pious actions then He will reward us with wealth and health.  It is like using God as a slot machine and if we play long enough He will give us great physical rewards.

I hate it in english.  I hate it in spanish.  I hate it in Taiwanese.  It is the message of works rightgeousness and it is devoid of any Grace, Love or Mercy.  Any message that says we give to God just in order to get is a lie from the pit of hell.  I was going to stand up and interupt, but this time the Spirit restrained me.  I think because I have no relatiionship established with this “church”.  There was no life in the speaker or his message last night.  On a good note I got to meet a few precious Mexican sisters and brothers that BK introduced me to.

The best part of last night was meeting BK’s neighbor Earnesto.  He usually participates in the prayer meetings, but last night he stayed home with his beautiful family.  We drove to his home after the meeting and when we described the meeting to Earnesto he said flat out, “That is NOT Church, that is just business.”  That moment was priceless.

Today I am packing for my midnight flights home via Seattle, Atlanta and South Bend.  First I am meeting up with some Seattle area friends who I met at a 1998 Housechurch conference in Portland.  We have not seen each other, except online, since that conference.  I am really looking forward to seeing the Lee’s tonight.

The best part of this trip has been the times of fellowship and interactions with other Christ followers, but that is always true of any trip.  I have many dear friends who I will hold in my heart all of my days here on earth.  I thank Jesus with all of my heart for giving me such a precious Spiritual family.

Love and …..

Kirk Out !

p.s No flashbacks, please pray for my flights back home?


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  1. Gary Graham permalink

    Praying for you and the flight crews.
    It’s all crap except Christ, the crucified and risen Lord!
    In the Cross of Christ is life, love, a completely paid debt!
    It is angering and sad. I’ve been present at fellowships where leadership stated a kid’s mom died of cancer because they didn’t have enough faith. Disgusting!

  2. Martin permalink

    All religion is crap, no matter how to position it, – Christ, or no Christ. What matters, is that we love out neighbor as ourself. That we are compassionate to each other, we help the poor, and the needy, That you grant the same privileges to all living beings that you allow yourself- rich ,or poor, male or female, small or big, Gay, lesbian, other, or heterosexual. Until you live this, your religion will suck big time!

  3. Yes Martin religion is crap, but following Jesus and having faith is not crap. And the things you list are signs of a healthy faith.

  4. Martin permalink

    But, you see, most people follow Jesus. Your only retort to this, would be simply that they either aren’t following the right, or real Jesus. And, you base that on your perception, or gut feeling …

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