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A Peculiar Missionary

July 25, 2012

“The churches in the province of Asia send you greetings.  Aquila and Priscilla greet you warmly in the Lord, and so does the church that meets at their house.  All the brothers here send you greetings.  Greet one another with a holy kiss.  1 Corinthians 16: 19-20

Today I fly to the state of Washington.  I am being sent to visit several home fellowships there.  I am going to be encouraged by them and I hope to encourage them also.  It has been two years since I saw the couple who are like Aquila and Priscilla to me.  They are an older couple who flow in The Spirit extremely well.  The Lord has used them greatly in my life.  They usually travel to where I am, but this time I am honored to go to their current location.

Relational fellowship is my call and passion and I am humbled that The Lord allows me close relationship with over two dozen housechurches.  Believe me, I am just a deeply flawed, regular guy who loves Jesus and all I want to do is follow and serve Him all my days.  I draw close to others as a friend and I desire no special place or recognition.  It is my privilege and joy to just hang out and share with others along the way.

Please pray for me as I travel?  Being in close confined spaces, like an airplane, does not mix well with PTSD and I especially have problems with their very small bathrooms.  The Lord has helped me before in situations like this and I am sure He will comfort and carry me this time as well.  

Access to the internet will not be possible on parts of this trip, but I will try to post blogs whenever I get the inspiration and opportunity.  I am also visiting with a widow of a very dear friend and her daughter.  Please pray that The Lord touches them as I just visit and be a friend?  And yes, I will be greeting everyone with a holy kiss.

Love and……

Kirk Out !

p.s. I haven’t had any flashbacks in over a week. 


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  1. tavishagrant1 permalink

    You’re in my prayers today, Captain Kirk.

  2. mike doyle permalink

    it was great to finally to put a face to the guy ive heard so much of you lifted my spirit so much last night

  3. "BK" permalink

    After being free to travel for 13 years, and now with ‘feet in cement’ for the past 2 with one more to go 😦 we were definitely honored and thrilled for your visit to Washington. Every moment of togetherness we shared while you were here was just that…togetherness. Thanks, brother, for coming. We also share in your joy at the continuing victory over the flashbacks that USED to hold you captive. God bless you so much, “BK”

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