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Fellowship Vacation

July 1, 2012


My son and I will be at the final Cornerstone Festival July 1st through 8th.  We will be tent camping with some fellow relational housechurchers and other dear friends.  I am bringing my lap top, but there is no internet access on the festival grounds.  If so inspired I will find a restaurant with wifi capability and blog a bit, but I am making no promises.

Caleb and I look forward to this festival every year.  So we just had to be there for the last Cornerstone ever.  In the past 28 years we have forged some deep friendships with other fest goers.  We even try to get together outside of the fest every winter.  Sure there are other festivals out there, but none with the unity and diversity of Cornerstone.  Alternative music and alternative fellowship are easy to find at Cornerstone.  Because of this fest several housechurches have been birthed and many encouraged over the years.

The weather is supposed to be brutally hot this week and we are in a tent.  Please pray for us as we try to stay fit and hydrated.  Friendship and fellowship are what I am all about, so this promises to be a very good week for me.  

This blog is gaining new viewers every week and June was a record setting month for total of views.  I hope our vacation does not break its momentum.  I sincerely appreciate all of you who read this blog.  Special thanks to all of you who comment also.  The last 2 weeks have been mostly flashback free and I hope that trend continues.  Have a great week and enjoy your friends and family during the 4th of July Holiday.

Love and …..

Kirk Out !

p.s.  Later in July I am flying out west to Washington state to be encouraged and hopefully encourage others who desire relational fellowship.  Then in August Caleb and I are taking a road trip to Baltimore.  I hope to travel a lot this next year and hopefully I can visit some of you who read this blog.  If you are interested in a visit please contact me?  Remember that with Jesus you are never alone.

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  1. Have fun, stay cool and it’s wonderful news about the lack of flashbacks!

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