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To Be Continued?

June 17, 2012


“Pray for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel.”   Ephesians 6: 19

This is my 165’th blog here since last August.  I have been writing blogs every other day since the beginning.  I deeply appreciate how well received my blogs have been.  We are now averaging over 100 views a day here.

One thing I promised myself when I started blogging was that I would never write just for the sake of writing.  I only want to blog when I feel the inspiration of The Spirit.  So far I have kept that promise intact and I intend to do so in the future.

Recently I have felt myself at a crossroads and have asked myself if I should continue to blog at all anymore.  I feel that I should, but pressing forward is difficult.  My very soul have been bared before you all and I have not hesitated to share about my difficult childhood in which I was brutally sexually abused.  I have also been extremely open about sharing my current struggles with my PTSD flashbacks.  In addition to that I have also shared some radical thoughts about Jesus and the church.

I still feel that I have much to share concerning The Lord, the church, and life in general.  However, I feel compelled to ask you, my readers, what you think and feel about this blog continuing or coming to an end.  Quite frankly sometimes I am disappointed with the lack of dialog or comments I receive on these blogs.  I had hoped that there would be more give and take.   Don’t get me wrong, the comments that have been shared are much appreciated.  I was just hoping for more.  Because I would just love to hear more from those of you who read my musings.  I prefer conversation over monologue any day.

In closing, please pray for me that The Spirit would continue to give me the words to continue sharing here at this site and in the other areas of my life.  I am in no way suggesting that I am in the same league as Paul, but I just want to be faithful to serve Jesus and others via my writings and my whole life. 

Love and …..

Kirk Out !

p.s.  Father’s day can be very difficult for those of us who were sexually abused as children.  Quite frankly I do not want to remember my father at all.  So once again…prayers appreciated.


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  1. Captain,

    If I may be so bold, have you considered the possibility that the lack of response is not necessarily a function of quality, but rather than of quantity?
    Case in point…I personally believe that if you are going to post every other day, that the content should be a tad bit shorter. I also read every one of your blog posts, but rarely, if ever, reply to them because I tend to agree with what you’re saying, and if I don’t, I don’t really have time to argue with other posters about it.
    If you posted once or twice a week, I think you might have better luck. Also, if you are participating in forums and have your blog link as a signature line, it may also help with your traffic.
    My only other suggestion would be to avoid being repetitious. The posts tend to be along the same lines much of the time, which, after a while, is not really all that fresh and new.

    I hope that helps and doesn’t sound critical. Just some observations off the top of my head.

    Love you, bro.


  2. P.S. A *BIG* turn-off to posters is a moderated blog, by the way.

  3. Focus on the father you ARE. Rejoicing with you that the bondage and lies have been broken. And you can be thankful for your earthly father’s sperm. 🙂 He may not have been a dad but he made a good sperm donor! 🙂

  4. Praying…… I say keep on writing if you got something to say.

  5. Elvera permalink

    I have been reading your blog for a few months now and find it very inspiring and confirming of parts of my own journey. I appreciate that you start each blog with a scripture verse.
    A friend has been going through EMDR and your personal journey helps to fill out the perspective for me of what she is experiencing.
    I don’t know my own biological father and have had sparse relationships with two step-fathers so it was an eye-opener that I realized why Jesus said not to call anyone on earth our “Father”. He said “anyone” not just religious leaders. It can really mess up the way we see and relate to our heavenly Father – Jesus’ Dad. I will keep you in my prayers today.

  6. On reflection, I guess that an average of 6 comments per blog posting is not so few after all.

  7. Faithfulness to our real (heavenly) Father is the issue. He will tell you when to write, when not to, and when to stop. I have found (especially the last month) the blog to be heavenly and life giving. One blog I shared with all of my extended family. You never know the results of your testimony, but Jesus does.

  8. Please drop the moderation delay.

  9. Marc and all, The only reason for the moderation delay is because of spammers, early on this blog it was not moderated and we got spammed bad and a lot. I approve every comment as soon as I can and I have never denied a comment yet.

  10. Special thanks to everyone for making this week our most viewed ever.

  11. DanG permalink

    God has been leading this blog away from criticism of the institution of church to focus on the person of the church – our Lord Jesus Christ. This blog has also been clear that there is need for both scripture and spirit – thank you. May God encourage this blog to more encouragement for the church in the midst of what we all recognize are times that may be ending. It is clear that the systemic corruption in all of culture and its institutions will not cease, but the people can be encouraged to be pilgrims looking for a city. Give us what the rest of media is not giving us – encouragement in the middle of dearth.

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