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The Creator

June 15, 2012


“Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.”  Ephesians 5: 1-2

I have had a very hectic and busy day purchasing a 2009 Pontiac Vibe to replace my 1999 Caravan, but while I have a moment I want to share about these two verses that I read this morning.  Before I start I want to thank those of you who prayed me through the process of obtaining a loan and dealing with banks and car dealers this week.  I hate the whole process and the stress it brings, but we went through with flying colors thank God.

Now to the verses….. When I ponder what it means to be an imitator of God the very first thing I think of is that God is The Creator.  So in turn I feel that being creative is one of the keys of imitating Him.  Followers of Jesus should have a creative element active in their daily lives.  How this plays out can be very diverse in the lives of believers and can include, but is not limited to, poetry, art, music, writing and conversation.  The church should support and encourage every believers creativity and gifts and give full opportunity for these gifts to be used when the church gathers.  We need everyone’s portion in the church if we truly want to embrace what HE desires of us as a body.

Right up there, if not above creativity, is love.  We have been embraced and loved by Jesus and because of that His love should flow freely from us to others in and out of the church.  Jesus loved us to point of sacrificing His life so that we can be free.  So we ought to be willing to sacrifice at least a portion of our lives in order to reach out and love others.

It says that Jesus was not just an offering, but a fragrant offering.  To me this means that we should live our lives in such a way that people desire to be around us.  That we would be people that attract others to His love that is within us.  We should always be ready and willing to give and serve with grace and affection.

That is all I have today, but I was blessed by that passage and just wanted to pass it on to my friends today.  Please note that with the newer vehicle I am again free to travel for friendship and fellowship.  I live in Sturgis Michigan, but I would love to meet folks just about anywhere.

Love and ……

Kirk Out !


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  1. We have been talking and thinking about this very subject over the last couple weeks. Law and rules, runs contrary to our Father the creator. Law stifles creativity. In order for us to be creative as our Father is, we must live in liberty.

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