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Born Free

June 5, 2012


“Then Jesus said to them all: If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.”  Luke 9: 23

Today I want to talk about my, nearly 18 year old, son Caleb.  Yesterday Caleb graduated from High School, but before that he gave the message at this years Baccalaureate service.  Baccalaureate is the time that the graduates focus on God.  It is done right in the schools auditorium.  Attendance is not required, but many students come voluntarily to this special event.  This year the auditorium was almost full.  I am thankful in this day and age of separation of church and state; that our school allows us such a positive event.

Before Caleb spoke he played guitar and sang with the praise band that he and 5 of his friends formed for this event.  To put it mildly they simply rocked the house.  Caleb’s message was short and sweet focusing on our need to take up our cross and follow Jesus daily.  Like a good relational housechurcher he finished in under 5 minutes.  Some were moved to tears and Caleb gave all the glory to Jesus.  I know I cried.  Like any parent I hope that my child has learned something about Jesus from me during his time in our household.  Well several times during Caleb’s sharing he referred to things I had showed him about Jesus and the faith.  His words filled my heart to near bursting.  I am very proud of my son and I am thankful that he really has been listening to me over the years.

Caleb, like all of my children, has been raised totally outside of traditional religion.  He never went to Sunday school or youth group and I am glad to say that he loves and serves Jesus as well as any young man his age can.  Caleb grew up in a fellowship without spectators, pulpits and pews.  Since he was old enough to talk he has actively participated in our gatherings.  When he was about 7 years old he contributed greatly to our fellowships dialog concerning Cain and Abel and shared in great detail about acceptable sacrifices.  In our fellowship we do not do sermons or monologues.  Instead we have open free flowing Spirit led conversations and everyone participates.  There is nothing about our fellowships that are traditional or mainstream.  Caleb has never sat under any formal bible teaching.  What he learned He learned from participating in ongoing conversations about our Lord and King.  What he learned is that relationship with God and one another is what it is all about.  Caleb got to where he is today without flannel boards, instructional videos, tithing,bible quizzing and traditional Pastors.  I say he has benefited greatly by not having ANY of the trappings of the Traditional Church system.

My son is filled with The Holy Spirit and He loves Jesus with all his heart.  The good news is that he is taking all he has received and learned to an entire new generation.  The message that Caleb shares is all about freedom in Christ.  That we can actually BE The Church without going to a building or following various religious rules.  My son looks at people and sees that they are valuable to our Lord.  He sees potential in everyone and he knows that everyone in the church has something special to share with the rest of the body.  He does not recognize ANY hierarchy in the church.  He sees things this way because we lived this way everyday in our house or wherever we found ourselves.

I just want to say that I love my son and I am VERY proud of him.  I am very grateful that Caleb can love and serve Jesus and others in ways that do not lead to religious bondage.  “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free”.  I am glad today that my son Caleb is free.

Love and …..

Kirk Out !




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  1. Awesome Chris!

  2. Yes, Chris, this is quite a testimony to the Father’s heart in you. Love you, my brother!

  3. Beautiful, thank you for sharing. I will passing this link on to others.

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