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May 10, 2012


Jesus said:

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.  Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.  You are my friends if you do what I command.  I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business.  Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.  You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit- fruit that will last.  Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.  This is my command: Love each other.”  John 15: 12-17

“Love each other.”  That is THE command that Jesus gives us.  He doesn’t tell us to go to Church or tithe or even read the bible.  Pretty amazing huh?  Because those are the main things most Pastors tell folks to do every Sunday morning.  Seriously, the three main things that the modern traditional “church” tells us to do, are not the FOCUS of what Jesus Himself would have us do.

 Now I know that BEING in fellowship with other Christ followers is a needed thing, but there is a huge difference between GOING to a building for a service and listening to a Pastor, instead of BEING together in active relationship with other believers with open ministry and sharing.  Tithing?  Not even a New Testament requirement, but reading the bible can be an awesome thing if you allow Him to guide you through it.

However, according to Jesus, LOVING one another is the main thing.  This fact is confirmed in First Corinthians chapter 13.  “The Greatest of these is love.”  In fact LOVE is the most excellent way we can choose to interact with others.  LOVE is HUGE and we need to surrender to walking in it each moment of our lives.

However, there is another HUGE thing in this passage that is often overlooked or misrepresented by traditional “church” leaders.  Here it is:  Jesus calls us HIS friends.  We are no longer servants or subordinates to Jesus, we are His friends.  This suggests that Jesus considers us as peers and fellow workers in His Fathers master plan.   Jesus is still the King of Kings, but He stoops to our level and bestows upon us the honor of being His friends.  This fact totally blows away the hierarchical form of government used by the traditional “church” and the world system.  Jesus does not consider us to be UNDER Him the way that Pastors consider members of their “church” to be UNDER them.  This makes total sense because even the Holy Spirit, the paraclete, is the one called ALONGSIDE us.  Any “church” that has its members serving UNDER a Pastor or other human Leader is wrong.  So if you are sitting UNDER the ministry of any human leader… I suggest you get out and find fellowship with others who are friends of Jesus.  I bow down to Jesus and submit to Him because I want to, not because He requires it.  He gives us free will and does not make us follow Him or His ways in this life.

That my friends is a HUGE revelation.  There should be no pecking order of any kind in the church because we are all His friends voluntarily submitting to Him and one another.  That’s right ALL submission in the church should be voluntary.  There is one Lord and we are to call no one Pastor or Teacher according to Jesus.  When we are all sisters and brothers submitting to one another there is no need for ranks, titles or positions whatsoever in the church.  This sets us totally free to simply love one another as He commands.  Everyone is important and everyone is a minister to God and others as He sees fit.  WE are all called to be free and directly serve Him and each other in this manner.  LOVE wins when all things are mutual in the church.

Love and …..

Kirk Out !

p.s.  All I am doing is sharing what is on my heart and mind and I want to honor Him by sharing my portion of the truth in love.  I am not attempting to judge those who find themselves within a traditional “church” system right now.  I just know that we are all called to be free of Babylon, that confusing place where truth is mixed with the system.  However, I also know that all things must happen in HIS timing and not ours.  Grace, peace and love to you all.



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  1. Good post; I think focusing on loving others is a key to my own happiness. So what does loving one another look like? Listening, caring, acting on needs we see, come to my mind.

  2. This is the apex of the problem with the church. When we voluntarily spiritually submit to men, we lose connection with the One True Head and that is Christ. There can be no two headed body of Christ. What happens then is demonic spirits get involved in the lives of those who chose Babylon over Christ. This is NO Small matter. The real tragedy here is, spiritual laws always work weather we have wrong intentions or not. When we are handed a serpent instead of bread we will get stung. This is true even if the sleep walking church leader means to hand us bread. Jesus as King and Lord is our very life, if we accept substitutes, we will have a very poor Christian experience indeed.

    • So true, I was thinking of the spiritual law of agreement again this morning, can’t seem to see enough about it. Kirk I have been going through some difficulties, like that is foreign to any of us who are called especially, and out of each occurence I had a choice of what authority I was going to agree with (in my mind). This agreement comes out of the mouth and gives it power. I say we agree with what our Creator says about us and our future and present relation ship to Him and not the liar who is always trying to surplant something in our weakness. It is so refreshing to see your openess and honesty, something we have lacked in the body and we stand with you and profess that He is all and more in and to your life that even you can currently comprehend. Blessings Brother.

  3. Reformed by the Holy Spirit permalink

    There is a form of leadership that comes alongside the one that is to follow. I don’t believe that this verse pares away our sense of being a servant, or even being a slave to Christ (and therefore, to each other). It does, however, do away with the condescension style of leadership we see in the church today. I don’t see a sense of hierarchy being done away with either. Even Christ shows hierarchy in His willingness to do the will of the Father.

    As a parent (to Noelle) and as a teacher, I come alongside those who I lead. I am not in an equal position with them as my authority is expressed. However, the way that authority plays out is somewhat different than the norm of Christian leadership in the church today. Even though I have authority in such given situations, I still serve them in order to build them up in love. And that is a comfort to my daughter and even to my students as I encourage them.

    For us, with Christ, we get to come alongside the King of King and Lord of Lords. He calls us a royal priesthood. What a privilege. I do believe we are “under God” however. The imagery of a hen drawing her chicks under her wings is one that Christ used. We need to apply that along with the concept of friend in order to better understand our relationship to the Great God we serve and love.

    A pecking order of sorts will happen in a local fellowship…but does not have anything to do with going to seminary or even being “THE pastor”. The people that God chooses to help lead will naturally be accepted by fellow believers. If that leader chooses to lead by abuse, then he/she will be judged accordingly. If by love, mercy and grace, he/she can expect love, mercy and grace from God. In that, we ALL are, in fact, friends of Christ Jesus our Lord. All (believers) the same. All in God, of God, under God and for God.

  4. I hear what you are saying Doug, but I still don’t see any hierarchy because Jesus and The Father are ONE. WE do see Jesus voluntarily submitting to the Father though, which is quite an excellent example for us to follow.

  5. Reformed by the Holy Spirit permalink

    Maybe hierarchy is a bad word to describe it with. Even so, I do see the Father as having more authority because Christ did say that all authority was given to him by the Father ….meaning the Father had to have that authority in order to give it.

    I believe that this inequality (for lack of a better term) does not take away from the oneness as each part serves the whole in different ways.

    I believe that a big part of the problem is that concept of authority has been tainted and twisted by the world and that this misuse of authority has played out in the western church over the years…

  6. Giegie permalink

    Are the homechurches supporting and sending out missionaries to other parts of the world? Have homechurches set up soup kitchens on a weekly basis to feed their communities? Where are the homechurches homeless shelters? If the homechurches want to live today as they did in the book of Acts they need to remember these are also part of “Loving each other.” Are the homechurches selling their properties or homes for distribution, as in Acts. The first church gave above and beyond of the Tithe…..the word may not have been used literally but it certainly was being put into action. The words Jesus spoke, Love each other; have so many interpretations when addressing them we need to make sure we cover all of them. We want to bring Glory to Jesus….and only to Jesus…Our Beloved.

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