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A Little Help?

May 6, 2012


To be honest with all of you I feel spent and all used up.  These last few weeks I have been battling PTSD flashbacks again and pouring myself into these blogs.  With His help I have been keeping my head above water and weathering the worst of it pretty well.  I deeply appreciate all the support and prayers that have been coming my way from the body of Christ, but I am still struggling.

Recently I have come under serious fire due to the content of my blogs, but I still refuse to compromise the truth in love.  Most of the attacks have been in private e-mail.  I realize that I have shared some very unorthodox and non-traditional views, but I challenge anyone to prove them false.  Under normal circumstances I could handle the criticism, but not while the flashbacks are ramping up like they have been.  As Captain Kirk would say, I need more power for my shields.

I am certain that HE will see me though this rough patch, but once again I ask for your help.  I could certainly use some more prayers sent my way.  I feel like Paul when he wrote, “Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in chains.  Pray that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should.”  (Ephesians 6: 19-20)  

Being popular has never been important to me.  Which is a very good thing when you are led to say unpopular things.  I am not complaining, because I love The Lord and the things that he has been showing me.  I just need help standing at this particular moment in my life.

On a positive note my son Caleb is graduating from High School in less than a month and I was asked to facilitate this years baccalaureate service.  It is my hope that it will be entirely student driven.  Normally it is a traditional service with a local Pastor giving a sermon.  Caleb plays guitar and sings with the praise band, and he also says he feels led by The Spirit to share a brief message to his peers that morning.  So once again I ask for more of your prayer support? 

So that’s what is up in Captain Kirkville.  I hope I have not burdened you too much.  It would be impossible for me to tell you how very much I appreciate your love and the comments that you leave on these blogs.  Thank you all once again.

Love and…..

Kirk Out !

p.s.  I am in serious need of some decent sleep.  The flashbacks are waking me many times during the night.  If I could manage to get some real sleep things would be much improved.



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  1. Jill permalink

    Praying for restful, restorative sleep without flashbacks, Chris!

  2. Reformed by the Spirit permalink

    Chris…you have been telling us things we need to hear in the body of Christ…..even if it is hard to hear, we need it.

  3. Captain,

    If the “attacks” are ad hominem, then yes, you are correct in calling them “attacks”. However, if one is debating with you the merits of their position, rather than yours, then your strength must come from your conviction through the Holy Spirit.
    I agree with roughly 80% of what you say, which is WAY more than I agree with most people. If you need some help debating, I am the best, when I have time, that is. 😉

    Spock out.

  4. I hear you Randy, I am all for rigorous dialogue and lively discussion, that is much of who we are where it comes to churching, but when folks say “you are of Satan”, You must have a demon, why don’t you kill yourself.” those are attacks that negate real opportunity for dialogue, When I began this blog I was hoping for some good dialogue and most of the time is has been good, I am just going through a rough patch of road right now and am having a difficult time standing, thanks for the comments everyone. LOve, Christopher

    • Captain,

      In that case, you are speaking of an ad hominem attack against you, personally.
      As I said before, that is truly an attack. An attack by a base and lowly person incapable of crafting a logical discourse. In that instance, I have a saying, “Consider the source.” It is poignant in that the truth is the truth regardless of who utters it. The fact that this person spits forth such vile words to you speaks more of them than it does you. Consider the source.

      You, brother, keep speaking what you believe to be right. Engage in discussion. Engage in debate. But the next time some fool chooses to attack you personally, it shows that THEY are not of God. At all.


  5. Reformed by the Holy Spirit permalink

    I am sorry, I cannot and will not call this an ad hominem attack because it is much more serious. This is not a political or philosophical debate. To tell someone that they are of Satan and therefore their points are worthless is ad hominem. However to tell someone that they ARE Satan and therefore need to commit suicide is an attack upon the heart and soul. I would take that person’s words serious but only to the point of blocking any further communication from them. What they said is a lie from the pit of Hell. I may sound like I am doing the same thing to them….however, please notice I am not condemning, or judging….just suggesting to break ties with that kind of poison…..and that is different.

  6. Martin permalink

    Always remember that anyone who opens his mouth and claims to be of God is only human, and you should, and in fact, mostly ignore those comments that call you ‘of satan’ and anything of the sort. These kinda of attacks can be shown to be a result of our evolution from a stone age man, where dressing up, and casting demons out of the enemy was our only means of survival, and as a result the habit has survived in our culture down through the ages. It has not real purpose anymore, because mostly we survive after been accused of this, or that.

    A case in point is the Armys use of propaganda to mobilize the troops in the Vietnam war. Calling the army charlie, and showing videos of “THEM” committing bad things helped enthuse their cause in trying to win the war. This is exactly the same technique used against you when someone calls you from the devil, but it’s meaningless and should be treated as such. Hopefully, in a generation or two, we’ll grow out of this juvenile means of stereotyping someone we either don’t understand, or simply don’t agree with.


  7. Chris, We are praying for you tonight. God’s grace speed you to all Jesus has for you in healing and complete restoration.

  8. Hold your head up high Captain Kirk… in obedience to our Lord, you are wearing your thoughts and feelings on your sleeve- making you a pretty easy target. Sadly, some folk think that means they have the liberty to take pot-shots. WWJD? I doubt He would call you out privately via email! He would call you out in public. Sounds rather childish and ‘chicken’ to me. Please know that you continue to be in my prayers.
    Love you bro- Capt Janeway

  9. Jayne and my other friends, Thanks for the prayers and support. Today is a much better day and things are looking up again. Surely those who wait upon The Lord shall renew their strength.

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