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The Hunger Games

March 27, 2012


“Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”  John 15:13

Yesterday I took my youngest, Lydia age 12, to see the movie “The Hunger Games”.  First though, she made me read the book.  I did so willingly and now am reading the second book in the series “Catching Fire.”  The book was quite excellent and the movie was very well done.  It is by no means a “Christian” movie, but several themes stood out to me and have afforded me the opportunity to speak freely to Lydia concerning our faith.

A major theme in the book and movie is laying ones life down for the sake of ones friends or family.  This whole concept of self sacrifice for the sake of others leads the conversation straight to Jesus.  This has led to numerous long discussions with Lydia concerning our Lord.  I have talked with Lydia many times about Jesus and the life He lived and why and how He died.  But The Hunger Games is opening whole new avenues for us to dialog about life in The Spirit and all that this encompasses.

Another strong theme is how the wealthy and strong oppress and try to control the poor and the weak.  That whole aspect of the book/movie can lead to discussing numerous portions of the bible that address this issue.  Then that of course tends to bring up the topic of freedom, both in Christ and in life in general.  In the book/movie the government is quite oppressive and is quick to try and shut down anything it sees as potential rebellion against the Capitol.  The first book/movie only gives glimpses of this, but I am certain that this theme will be built upon as the series unfolds. 

Would I recommend this book/movie to others?  Definitely!  There is death and violence, but none of it is gratuitous.  I say it should be fine for most children over the age of ten, especially those who have already read the books. If you share the Hunger Games experience with your children it will afford you the opportunity to engage them in meaningful conversation concerning life, love and faith in general.  I am taking full advantage of this opportunity and deeply enjoying each moment of it. 

The Lord has used pop culture and movies to speak to me ever since I can recall.  In turn this has given me numerous ministry opportunities with a broad audience that I can relate the truth to in many ways.  When the movie “The Matrix” came out I was able to use its imagery to help about a dozen people get unplugged from the system and instead be free to know what is true and real.  Because of that movie and my being able to share about it freely people actually came to Jesus for the first time too.  I can say similar about more than several other films also.  I guess I just want to say that if you want to be able to share truth in love with others it helps to be able to speak the language of their culture at times.  At least that is what I have found to be true.

Love and …..

Kirk Out !


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  1. Duane permalink

    I saw this movie also, and thought it was very good! Did not read the book. Very positive messages found though out I thought. Though I did think there would be some themes in the movie that the very young would have problems with, understanding.

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