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It Is Finished

March 7, 2012


“No, in all things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.  For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”  Romans 8:37-39

Today, of all days, The Lord had me visit this passage.  Jesus really does know exactly what we need at every moment.  I just found out that my divorce is final.  Thirty years of marriage wiped clean off the books.  Now I am experiencing the depths.  I feel numb.  The kind of numb I used to feel when I did tons of drugs 33 years ago.  You know what though?  I am going to be alright because He is seeing me through this dark time.

Jesus loves me!  He loved me 30 years ago and He still loves me now.  With that revelation and knowledge I can and will press on through this set back.  I won’t lie it hurts!  It hurts more than anything else I have ever experienced in my nearly 50 years on this planet.  What once was “one flesh” is now torn in two.  When I say torn I mean ripped apart and it will not leave a clean and precise surgical scar.  Divorce is ugly and God hates it, but it still happens.  It even happens between two people who love God.  The fact is that it is over and I need to move forward in Him as best as I can as He unfolds a new direction for my life.

Am I ready for what lies ahead for me?  I think He has been preparing me for what’s to come for quite some time now.  These past 11 months have not been easy for me, but during this time The Lord has brought great healing to me regarding PTSD and other things relational.  In many ways I am more whole now that I have been in over 13 years, if not longer.  I sincerely believe that my heart and Spirit may be in better shape now than ever.

In this past year the divorce and other circumstances have forced me to rely on Jesus more than ever.  I have had to cling to Him like never before and He has not disappointed me at all.  No matter how bad it has been He has always assured me that the sun will rise tomorrow.  “His mercies are new every morning”, and I know that He will bring me through to the next day.  Yes, I am numb and my heart aches, but because of Him there will be a tomorrow for me.  Today I am choosing to hang on to that.  Again, I deeply appreciate all the prayers and support that the followers of this blog have given me.  I pray for all of you too!  Press on forward and do not look back my friends.  Because Jesus loves you!

Love and…….

Kirk Out !


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  1. Jessop permalink

    It is great that the Lord has brought you safely through so much but in it all we have no news of your wife who has also suffered through this time of trauma. How is she? Is it well with her? I would like to keep her in my prayers as well but with no knowledge of her condition it is not easy.

    • Lori permalink

      Jessop….I just wanted you to know that I am doing very well. My physical and emotional health is tremendously improved; my work situation is improving; and Father has never been closer. The body of Christ has been somewhat of a disappointment, but then again, maybe my expectations were to high. I feel peace and contentment. Thank you for asking and thank you for the prayers….very much appreciated!……Lori

  2. Jessop, I am certainly not in a position where I can speak for her, but Lori seems to be fine and moving forward too. Your prayers are appreciated

  3. Can’t wait to sit in eternity with both you and Lori, Chris, and look back to marvel at all the things God was doing. Sorry it hurts on the way so bad.

  4. Lance Marchetti permalink

    Lori and Kirk… Even though you are divorced on earthly paper, your marriage is still bound in heaven, because no man can renounce what God has forever announced. Never forget that!
    It’s vital to recovering your sanity on your journrey to the grave.

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