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January 28, 2012

Love and……

Kirk Out !

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  1. Pam Smith permalink

    That is awesome! We will be praying for a continued friendship, and that maybe she will check out th fellowship.

  2. nancy permalink

    Ah…just another example of our Lord going out and finding the lost, drawing them to himself and letting you be the witness…just lovely Chris…Praise His Holy Name

  3. Right on, my brother! What a great story. Like He said, “If you abide in me and I in you, you will bring forth much fruit.” Don’t you just love it when God brings the increase and all we have to do is play catch? My son in law came in that way, too. God told me right from the start that HE would do the work in John and to keep my hands off of it. Finally John called me out of desperation and gave His life to the Lord and because he doesn’t have a history in organised religion, he doesn’t have to unlearn all the traditions of men that we had to. He is a blessing to fellowship with, too. We will be praying for Dianne.

  4. Yes Michael UNLEARNING the traditions and religious crap takes a long time and is much more difficult than learning the truth in love to begin with. I am so glad that I was born, raised and reborn outside the camp of Institutional religion. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free!

  5. The beauty of God’s work.
    The huge difference from organised “evangelism” (as if God could ever be contained in one of their dry formulae)
    We have no way to measure how deeply we are healed when we let His grace flow through us to someone else

  6. not being to hang you out to dry, capt’n Christopher, sir, though wondering by your log entry here that maybe the Good News for you is Jesus and EMDR? and, how did you come to be “coping” when Jesus Christ would otherwise make you overcome with Him all these things?
    Safe journey home to you!

  7. Marshall, I don’t quite understand the question the way you worded it. But I thank Jesus and my dear friend Martin for helping me find EMDR. Jesus is the main factor in the way my therapist used EMDR. I hope that answers your question.

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