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House To House

December 19, 2011


This past week I had both the pleasure and the privilege to be able to participate in two different housechurch gatherings.  I just love totally free and open, Spirit led fellowship.  To me it is the best way to really go about BEing the Church.

In both of these gatherings every single person present had something of value to contribute and share with the rest of the body.  Every member ministry is a passion of mine and in the fellowships I relate to everyone has the opportunity to share what is on their heart.  In an environment where everyone is expected to share songs, prayers, scriptures and teaching amazing things happen.  When you allow every age, every gender and every perspective  sharing you always end up being blessed beyond measure.  More importantly Jesus is lifted up and glorified.

I know that the concept of absolute freedom in sharing scares some people, but listen a minute before you cry HERETIC!  It is my experience that a free and totally open format is safer where it comes to heresy and error than a controlled environment could ever be.  In an open setting anyone can interrupt and challenge the sharing of another.  In a closed setting no one would ever dare to interrupt a sermon and challenge the Clergyman.  In open and free housechurches it happens all the time.  For the betterment of all involved.   Quite frankly when heresy occurs in a free and open church it gets nipped in the bud.  Also in a traditional/institutional Church it is easy to hide ones heresy.  Someone might be the biggest heretic ever in a regular church, but no one ever finds out because there someone can go sit in a pew for 30 years and never share the heresy they have in their heart and mind.  This would never happen in a relationship based free and open housechurch.  Because everyone there is expected to share and be open for correction from the rest of the body.  In a traditional church it is easy to hide, but try to hide in a living room and you will always be found.

In short, I love the freedom that is found in a simple Spirit led Church.  I desire that everyone be free to share, to listen, to pray, to sing, to teach and to grow in Christ.  Freedom is a difficult thing to find in a traditional, institutional, law promoting Church.  But in a free flowing fellowship it can be found anywhere.

Love and….

Kirk Out !



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  1. Well, Kirk, I wish I could have been at those gatherings with you. It is a rare day that the body of Christ actually functions as a body, submitting to the direction of its Head, Jesus Christ. The systematized church we have inherited that meets in steeple houses more resembles a quadriplegic than a healthy living body… just another talking head while its members sit there in paralysis as it is numbly entertained as if it is watching TV. For those who’s growth in Christ is that of an infant in his crib, this is all they seek, but once we grow beyond that and figure out that God wants to have a personal relationship with us as sons, the crib/ TV watching level of existence will not satisfy any longer.

    As it is with the evening news on TV, the talking heads dish-up their version of the truth and questioning them in a public way is impossible. There is no channel for change other than turning off the tube when they come on. Well, as in “The Matrix” God often sends help in the form of His Son and pulls the plug on us. The Matrix then flushes us out of our cribs because we dared to question it. After all it would not do for the other infants in their crib bound bondage to see one of their fellow captives kicking out its bars and escaping. Can you say, “Flush”? Like the man born blind and that was healed by Jesus, our Lord finds us after being thrown out of the temple and draws us to Himself.

    There is nothing that I desire to experience more than fellowship with those who have gone on to grow in Christ as the very sons and daughters of God. Where two or three of us are gathered together in His name, He is alway there and it don’t get any better than that.

  2. Well, heck, Michael, come hang with us!

  3. "BK" Zimmer permalink

    I believe that’s what Eph 4 is speaking of when it says we’ll no longer be children tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine. In this environment, a thought or question can be settled in each one’s heart, through fellowship and threshing, and we mature….as is also said in this same chapter.

    I used to be SO AFRAID of the ‘free for all chaos’ that such ‘disorder’ would bring. But honestly, when each one begins to really learn to listen to the moving of the Spirit, it isn’t that. Sure, as each one learns there’s times where someone will talk on too long (or not enough) but even in that the free flowing Spirit through His body can teach them to listen or to speak.

    Same with singing. I was a worship leader for many years and really did know how to just lay back and flow with the Spirit as I led songs. I didn’t plan them ahead, I just watched Him as chorus after chorus would roll. It was a frustration to me for anyone to be able to suggest a song or chorus….how could it possibly flow together???? But, alas, once I relaxed and let go of the ‘control’, it did. It does. It flows. Always? Of course not. But enough to know He is perfectly capable of flowing through His body. Ken has a saying, “God’s order is confusion to man; man’s order is confusion to God.” Because Christ’s headship is replaced by man’s order.

    Great post, Chris. Thanks! “BK”

  4. Elwood Blues permalink

    Before anyone cries “HERETIC!” at church-of-the-living-room, in my experience, every house church gathering I’ve been to has been attended by a good number of saints who have known the Lord for years, know His Spirit, know His Word (Logos and Rhema). And if someone was to go off kilter in the sharing time, then these people know how to confront in love, while steering him/her back to Jesus. In a word, these people are “Elders”. And the Lord sovereignly puts them in these gatherings. He knows what He’s doing, we can trust Him.

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